Magnificent 7


When a few individuals come together with the common goal to be more concerned about the many who, for whatever reason, are not in a position to take up for themselves—that is the vision of the Magnificent7.


The mission of Magnificent7 members is to address the needs of our Latino community by having a presence at community meetings, programs and events where advocacy for Latinos is important and especially where they are under-served, misunderstood and/or unjustified.

  1. magnificent7Magnificent7′s community initiatives are:
  2. Civic Involvement
  3. Advocacy
  4. Public Relations
  5. Events/Meetings
  6. Cultural Awareness
  7. Economic Development
  8. Education

All meetings are open to the public.

Like the Magnificent 7 in past movies, each individual member of the Magnificent7 has a distinct expertise that, with the collaboration from inside the group networked together with support from outside resources, results in advocacy—a unified, never-before-heard voice for Hispanics and Latinos in Louisville, Kentucky.

communitypartnersCommunity Partners:
Al Dia en America- Jose Neil Donis- [email protected]
Adelante Hispanic Achievers- Mara Maldonado- [email protected]
Americana Community Center- Edgardo Mansilla- [email protected]
Archdiocese of Louisville- Eva Gonzalez, Hispanic Ministry- [email protected]
Attorney Ellie Kerstetter- Ellie Kerstetter- [email protected]
St. Rita’s Catholic Church- Yolanda Moore- [email protected]
Center for Women and families- Marta Miranda- [email protected]
David Mejia Attorney- [email protected]
Hispanic Latino Coalition of Louisville- Thomas Gurucharri- [email protected]
IHTEC Property Services- Cesar Venegas- [email protected]
Indiana University Southeast- Magdalena Estevez- [email protected]
Jefferson County Public Schools- Dr. Antonio Perez- [email protected]
Jefferson County Technical College System- Dr. William Lites- [email protected]
La Camara @ Wesley House- Ben Ruiz- [email protected]
League of United Latin American Citizens- Saul Garcia-[email protected]
Mexican Consulate- Juan Solana- [email protected]
U of L Latin American Latino Studies- Dr. Rhonda Buchanan- [email protected]
Wesley House Community Services- Dr. Renee Campbell Mapp- [email protected]